New Life Baptist Church
QE Park Centre
Railton Road,
Queen Elizabeth Park,
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At New life Baptist Church we want to produce consistent, loving, generous and genuinely Christ-like disciples that pray and mould their lives around the teachings of Jesus. We do this through meeting together in Home Groups (HGs) and Discipleship Groups (DGs).

There are two Home Groups of about twelve people and they meet in the comfort of someone's home every other week on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The venue varies so you will need to contact us to know when and where a group is meeting.

These are informal occasions to relax over a drink and cake and to:

We also organize occasional social events such as BBQs and games nights.

HG Rick, Jon and Sue Each HG is made up of 3 or 4 Discipleship Groups (DGs) of 3 or 4 people. They normally meet on the alternate weeks to HGs for about one hour. DGs are based on a centuries old tradition of friendship and mutual support, particularly over areas of life where we would like to see change and improvement - a bit like mutual life-coaching with prayer! DGs aim to develop Christ-likeness and Christian maturity through honest conversations about our character and allowing confession in a safe environment that values confidentiality and grace. See DG card. Should you like to join a group near you, please contact us.